ICSM Gazette Unofficial BSC Guide

Every year the Gazette compiles feedback from Year 5 students on their experience with their chosen BSc course to create an unofficial guide containing advice and information to help out their fellow 3rd and 4th year medics.

BSC Guide 2019

This year, we had 220 students take part in our guide, and from this have collated information on:

1. the overall grade achieved in each course

2. the overall grade achieved in the in-course assessments (ICA) for each course

3. the proportion of people who would pick their same course again

We recommend that 4th years take a look at the advice section of the guide, and 3rd years using the guide to help choose their BSC course next year pay particular attention to the ICA grades since the new BSC curriculum no longer uses exams and thus relies heavily on these ICA grades. 

This year 3 new BSCs have been introduced: Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Cancer Frontiers and Remote Medicine.

We will therefore create another BSc Guide in early 2020 to give more up to date information and opinions on the new BSc courses to help you decide.

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